Cheap Accommodation in Franschhoek

Your holiday to Franschhoek is coming up and you are keen to find cheap accommodation so that you can make the most of your holiday savings. When many people hear of cheap holiday accommodation they imagine run down motels where you have to make do with less than ideal conditions. If you take your time to find the right kind of accommodation you will find quite the opposite – there is affordable accommodation in Franschhoek that comes with all the luxury amenities of a top class hotel. What you should be looking for is a self catering cottage or villa for hire.
Self catering accommodation is becoming more and more popular in holiday destinations across the world. The cost of staying in hotels is prohibitive and smart property owners have realized that renting out to holiday makers makes more sense than renting out to permanent tenants. You get a whole property to yourself where you can make the most of your holiday – if you want to have a quiet time you can stay indoors and soak in the sun by the pool or you can have a party and invite whoever you lie – the property is yours to use as you like for the duration of your rental.
The one thing you need to be aware of with this kind of accommodation is that you will prepare your own meals. This is one reason why many are choosing self catering accommodation for holidays. They are free to eat whatever they like and they can prepare it just the way they like it. The property comes with a fully fitted kitchen so all you will need to bring are supplies which you can buy from  local market at Franschhoek – they have lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and more.
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