Cheap Self Catering Accommodation in Camps Bay

Your holiday in Camps Bay last year didn’t quite go the way you wanted – you had to pay a lot for hotel accommodation and you didn’t feel like you got your money’s worth. In fact, you are thinking of skipping the delights of this wonderful location this year because you don’t want a repeat of the same. You don’t have to – there is alternative accommodation that can give you a completely different kind of experience. You can book a self catering holiday villa this year.
Self catering is becoming a popular way to go on holiday all around the world. You pay for the use of a villa of a home that comes with everything that you need for a great holiday. The only difference is that you prepare your own meals. There are many self catering villas in Camps Bay, so as long as you book early you should be able to get something that fits your budget. These villas are big – they usually have at least 3 bedrooms and each is fully furnished and has everything that you need. In fact, the best way to enjoy this kind of holiday is to bring along friends and ‘family – there is enough room to accommodate everyone.
Self catering villas are a great idea for families. You will not be stuck in a hotel. Instead, you will have a whole property to yourselves where you can do whatever you like. These villas come with luxuries such as swimming pools, Jacuzzi and even a spot for barbeque, so your family will have plenty to keep them busy at all times.
You also get a house keeper if you want one, and you can get transport to and from the airport.